Update: How are you doing Frances?🌺

 It’s been approximately just short of 8 week’s since I have completed my initial treatment from Lung Cancer. My last chemotherapy infusion was on February 14th. What can I tell you. I have experienced much and still there are many phases still unfolding even at this phase. 

To my long time clients whom I have not seen or spoken to in years; here you are sending your prayers for my healing and including my family in these prayers for there own well being; I appreciate you so much. For you who have offered yourselves unselfishly. Thank you.

No matter how much you read, know of people who have survived or passed on from cancer; there is nothing that can prepare you for walking this course. 

My medical team has been great. Very good at explaining the treatments and what to expect. I did and continue to do my part to stay as healthy as I can through getting rest, good nutrition and keeping a positive outlook. My doctors have said these were as important as the medication itself. It’s a challenge to be confined to less than half of what your used to doing, but this too shall pass. 

Again while I am unable to see you at this time, I do have a shopping site to take advantage of many items that I have used during my self care. There is so much you can do for yourself to support major illness as long as you keep open dialogue with your care team. 

As for practitioners, I can recommend to you two wonderful practitioners that I have used from time to time to support me if your interested. 

 Both can offer Crainal Sacral therapy and herbal medicine support.  Each have other offerings such as Reiki or massage therapy. Feel free to write if this interest you.

My process is a day to day one. How I pass through this phase will determine a lot moving forward for me. Keep watching this blog for updates. Thank you for stopping by😊.


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