Sweeping, a Weeping Willow tree and memories

Sweeping my porch, or any space in front of my home is very much a meditative act. I never realized how much so until I could not do it as much this year. My mind actually goes into a quite state just like when I sit to meditate. The sound of the movement of the broom and the air around me; everything became still. It always brings me back to when I was a girl visiting one of my favorite cousins house during summer vacations or long school holidays. In the summer, it was my job to sweep the side yard and area outside the yard near the street sewer drainage plate. We kept the plate clear to avoid rain water from flooding the street on our side of the block. Following the curved sidewalk entered the door to the domain of where I loved being. The house was on a cul de sac where a huge weeping willow tree stood and a lot of undeveloped land that sat behind a vitamin factory. I would spend hours making mud pies and cakes, picking Queen Anne's lace and wild berries of some kind to decorate my creations. I had to come in the house at least twice a day and get cleaned up. Never understood the logic of that since I would go right back in the dirt. Every time I sweep, that's where I am transported to. The weeping willow tree and the mud pies of my youth :) 

Enjoy this piece from Om Daily

Energetic Sweeping BY MADISYN TAYLOR Sweeping the front porch every morning is an important cleansing ritual that prepares the ground for new energy. In some of our lives, sweeping has become an activity performed without much thought. In many cases, sweeping is a lost art, replaced by the noisy, efficient vacuum cleaner. But in several cultures and religions, sweeping the front and back porch every morning is regarded as an important cleansing ritual that prepares the ground for new energy on every level--physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. It is often employed to sanctify a space and prepare it for a ceremony. This seemingly simple action has the power to clear away the old and make space for the new. It stirs up the energy in a place, clearing out the astral buildup that is the natural by-product of the presence of humans. This kind of sweeping is not about cleaning the area of dust. In fact, the broom doesn't have to actually touch the ground to be effective. You might want to consider having two different brooms, one you use for cleaning dust and dirt, and one you use for energy clearing. If you are so inspired, you could decorate your broom by carving its handle, painting it, decorating it with gemstones and ribbons, or any other creative adornment that appeals to you. You can also make your own broom out of tree branches and twigs, or choose a naturally appearing broom from nature, such as a pine bough. Sweeping each morning prepares the ground for the new day at the same time as it deepens our awareness of the importance of letting go of the past to welcome the present. As we clear the energy of our space, we clear our own energy systems. In addition, we create a space that feels clean, clear, and open to all who enter. Be sure to think welcoming thoughts as you sweep, manifesting what you need for the day. Making sweeping part of our daily ritual tunes us into the continuing cycle of releasing the old and welcoming the new that is the hallmark of a healthy energy system. 

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