The Unexpected Things In Our Lives

This is the beginning of story that I hope you find some small part that you can apply to your own life. Some of you know that I am on my own healing retreat so to speak and have not been seeing clients since midsummer. I want to first say thank you for the many well wishes and time spent. Your outpouring of love and support during this time has made a tremendous portion of the process doable. For those of you who do not yet know, it's time to share.

 In July of this year, I went to see my doctor for what had been a persistent cough leading up to broccoli spams. Upon examination, it was believed I had developed asthma. I had never experienced any breathing issues in my life. Three of my children have experienced asthma but it was never traceable to either my husband or myself directly. It could have been an environmental trigger. It seemed reasonable because prior to my coming she had three other patients with the same issue.

I on the other hand did not feel comfortable with that diagnosis. I explained to my doctor additionally I felt a cold heaviness in my left lung. Perhaps is was a bad infection that settled deep in my lung. It was hard for me to imagine that could be the case with all the herbal teas I take for allergy relief but who knows. My doctor listened to me and sent me to see the Pulmanary specialist to further investgate. After thoughtful time recording my health history and doing a physical exam he thought having an x-ray and thyroid sonogram were in order.

Low and behold there in the lower left lobe of my lung sat a tumor 6cm large. That is the size of a small lime. Further testing with biopsy confirmed  it was malignant. By the time I completed all my testing it was determined I had Stage 3B None Small Cell Lung Cancer. It was classified as an Adenocarcinoma. It was making its way towards the head through the lymphatic system.

My only symptoms had been a tiredness that had been increasing for sometime and the coughing that began earlier this year. 

Needless to say things started progressing pretty quickly with all of the poking a prodding. Additionally symptoms made working with you amazing souls impossible. Thankfully I am on the road called Recovery.

This road has had many avenues and boulevards that I don't believe I have driven that far down before. I will share that in another post. For now, I am doing well. My Oncologist and Pulmanary doctor at Mt. Siani have  made each step easy to walk through. The family is doing well and have adjusted to this stage of life.

I will share in a future blog some of what I have been doing to help myself while awaiting diagnosis and while in treatment. 

The one thought I wish to leave with anyone reading this is, listen to your body. Even if a symptom seems strange to say out loud, it's better to express it thoughtfully than to let embarrassment over shadow your judgement. Had I not spoken up for myself. This cancer would have stread to my brain and could have resulted in a stroke. I had just began my yearly check up testing when this issue started to arise. There was nothing in any of my test results that indicated anything was wrong other 

than a need to trim a bit off the waistline. 

Be safe. Be well. I look forward to seeing you soon.🙏🏽


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