My interest in the field of health and wellness has developed from bodywork to the study of multidisciplinary areas such as  energetic healing, and herbal medicine for helping people foster healing in body, mind and spirit. None are exclusive but inclusive in determining root causes  and preventive measures to bring one into alignment in the body and in there life.  A multidisciplinary approach is  powerful in determining the course of your well being everyday. 

Frances L. Dunston


Reiki Master Teacher
CCH (Chrystal Healer)

LMT ( License Massage Therapist)

The Usui system of Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is an ancient Oriental, natural hands-on healing method that is simple to learn and utilize. Reiki is a Japanese word, which means universal life energy. Practitioners of Reiki transfer this energy to themselves and others by the resting of hands on the body of the receiver. Once you have been opened up to become a channel for Reiki, concentrated life energy will flow through your hands on its own accord.
Reiki can be used on oneself as well as to assist others-It can be used on plants and animals. Holistic in nature, Reiki heals on all levels of existence-the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual and strives to bring them into balance.

Hands-on healing. Private sessions of 1/2 hour, 1 hour and 1-1/2 hours are available.

Become a Reiki healer. Three levels of initiation are available:

Reiki Level I – Two transmissions of Reiki symbols enable you to treat yourself and others by the laying on of hands.

Reiki Level II – You will receive four additional initiations and learn symbols, how to activate distant healing, mental reprogramming, and emotional release for self-treatment and assisting others.

Reiki Level III – Powerful transmission of all Reiki symbols receiving the power of a master. Additional training in healing, meditation, and energy work will be taught.

Mastership – tailored to the individual student who is seriously interested in healing and teaching. An interview is necessary for this program.

Reiki Healing Circle – part of Reiki tradition, a supportive community of like-minded people that heals,holds, respects, and encourages individuals in pursuit of healing and growing. Anyone is welcome to the circle. No knowledge of Reiki is needed, only curiosity and an open mind.

Contact to schedule an appointment or inquire about training. 

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